DIY: Pink Bath Bombs

26. April 2016 DIY 0

bath bombs

Bath Bombs makes our life more colorful and field with a lot of amazing scents. Being beauty, handmade and handmade beauty addict Jointle can’t imagine a bath without a bath bomb. It became one of the main steps in running the perfect bath. So today we want to share with you a DIY bath bomb recipe. Check it out!

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International Mother Earth Day

22. April 2016 Jointle News 0

Earth Day

Good morning, humans!

Every year 22nd of April is known as International Mother Earth Day (or simply Earth Day).
This day is aimed to raise awareness about the challenges to the well-being of our planet and the life it supports.

Do we often realize to who we should be thankful for our living and existing? Imagine how destroying and painful can our daily simple actions can be to the place we live in, the Earth.

Jointle encourage everybody to live sustainable. Not just today.
Let our life and actions be admirable for making this world a better place. Spend this day in harmony with Mother Earth.

Have a peaceful Friday!

Jointly yours.

Jointle’s guide of healthy habits

21. April 2016 Beauty advice 0

healthy habits

We at Jointle are all crazy about everything natural and healthy. We share this vision to the world and believe that everybody can take benefit from healthy living.

As we are aiming to spread this philosophy it would be unacceptable not to live it by ourselves, right? We are already on our way to totally healthy lifestyle. Are you in?

Check Jointle’s guide of healthy living and follow the movement!

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Sharing our beauty philosophy 3.0

19. April 2016 Jointle News 0

Good morning, beauty society!

Jointle‘s continuing sharing its beauty philosophy!
Remember, yesterday we’re talking about Essential Oils from Cupi essential? It turns out that they’re listed as March Favorites of Posh Beauty Blog!

Check the blog and find out what Carla likes about Essential Oils from Cupi essential. Sure they can become your favorites too!

Wait for more reviews on other beauty blogs soon.
Stay tuned!

Jointly yours.

5 under $5: accessible beauty

18. April 2016 Beauty advice 0

Do you still have this stereotype that beauty needs big investments? We sometimes afraid to buy something looking too cheap to be good enough. But does always hight price mean high quality? In Jointle we believe that we pay more for marketing and advertising, less for quality. A good face cream can cost $7 and still be good working for your daily beauty routine. Today is the era of accessible beauty and Jointle‘s ready to prove this statement!

Jointle prepared 5 different products with the price less than $5!
Check the list and be ready to be amazed!

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Sharing our beauty philosophy 2.0

13. April 2016 Jointle News 2

Hello from Jointle team!

Remember that we promised you to continue sharing with you our news about more reviews? So here it comes!

Thank you, Dima, for deep and professional review of Organic Citrus Facial cleanser by Brittanie’s Thyme. So happy you liked it!

We encourage you to enjoy the review with us and read it on Tips for Natural Beauty Blog. We promise that you’ll like it as we did!

Wait for more reviews on other beauty blogs soon.
Stay tuned!

Jointly yours.

DIY: 5 minutes handmade body scrub

11. April 2016 DIY 0

Scrubs’ve always been the most popular skincare products. It’s probably the easiest and the safest way to exfoliate the skin and make it softer and more fresh looking.

There is nothing else as natural and safe as Handmade Body Scrub. In addition, it’s a perfect solution to make a miracle yet not waste a lot of money.

Check out the easiest DIY Handmade Body Scrub from Jointle!

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Friday relax lavender bath routine

08. April 2016 Beauty advice 0

TGIF, ladies and gentlemen!

Working week is finally coming to the end and this means it’s time to have a little Friday relax. Somebody is waiting for the weekly hang out with friends, somebody can’t wait to spend the evening with dear person and good movie and others can just dream about to reach the bed and finally have enough sleep.

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